GNOSI ANAPTIXIAKI AMKE is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit making, national based development agency situated in Thessaloniki, Greece. It has been established in 1997.

In particular, the core competencies of GNOSI ANAPTIXIAKI AMKE are described as follows:

Supporting development activities of agents and organizations

  • Strategic planning and studies on optimal use of funding resources

  • Management of projects financed by European Community and national funds

  • Elaboration of projects’ technical reports

  • Communicative policy support

  • Provision of  consulting and technical expertise

Promoting regional and local development

  • Development studies of geographical areas

  • Local development planning projects regarding human resources

  • Studies for the establishment and operation of employment support structures

  • Industrial studies

  • Assessment of interventions and policies at local and regional level

  • Cross-border co-operation development studies and activities

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